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We are direct decendants of Major Stede Bonnet. We hope you join or crew!

Major Stede is operated by direct descendants of the Gentleman Pirate himself. Fascinated with the life of a pirate especially during the so called "Golden Age of Piracy," we've undertaken research beyond the contemporary books and accepted themes focusing on primary sources with fresh eyes and the personalities of his direct descendants. There are several great books out we would encourage you to read. As there are disagreements with some, we still believe his story is fascinating.  

The Pirate's Library

Here Are a Few Recommendations for Your Pirate Library

The Life and Tryals of the Gentleman Pirate, Major Stede Bonnet 

One of th best contemporary books on Major Stede Bonnet. We think you'll enjoy this book by Jeremy Moss. Every Bonnet fan should have this in their library. 

The History of Piracy

Bonnet had a great library on board. Build your own pirate library. Here is one of a few of our recommendations. Phillip Gosse is credited as having provided the only description of the Jolly Roger flown by Major Stede Bonnet. 

The Real Story of the PIRATE!!

Written by A. Hyatt Verrill and published in 1923, this book includes a section on the "Soldier Pirate" Major Stede Bonnet.

A General History of Pirates

Considered to be one of the earliest sources on Major Stede Bonnet, this book provides information on many pirates. Many writers have built their naratives off of the pages of this book. It is certainly worth adding to your library.  

Tryals of Major Stede Bonnet and Other Pirates

This work is one of the most important and quoted firsthand accounts of Major Bonnet and of pirate trials in general. Published in London at the Rose and Crown for Benj. Cowse in St. Paul's Church yard in 1719. Much of the words are of the Judge for the Admiralty Nicholas Trott and prosecution; however, we do have recorded words of Major Stede Bonnet and some of his Crew along with Affidavit of Capt. Peter Manwareing. Unfortunately, Major Stede Bonnet made a poor effort at his defense and was found guilty on two counts of piracy. Though he denied his power, it was confirmed multiple times, he was the captain giving the orders and was infact guilty. The following quote from George Dunkin regarding the battle of Cape Fear: 
"Major Bonnet declared, if any one refused to fight, he would blow their Brains out."        

The Gentleman Pirate's Library

Books Major Bonnet certainly had in his library. 

A Voyage to the South Seas and Round the World

Written by Captain Edward Cooke this book was most certainly in Major Bonnet's library. Recently a fragment of this book was found in the wreck of the Queen Anne's Revenge. As Bonnet spent some time aboard the QAR it well could have been a fragment from his library.

Bucaneers of America
or the Pirates of Panama

Originally published in 1678 in Dutch, the first English publication was 1684. This book may very well have been in Major Stede Bonnet's library.