Bonnet's Crew

Who were the members of Bonnet's Crew? And are you perhaps related to them? 

Major Stede Bonnet, alias Edwards, alias Thomas, late of Barbadoes, Mariner.

Robert Tucker, late of the Island of Jamaica, Mariner.

Edward Robinson, late of New-Castle upon Tine, Mariner.

Neal Paterson, late of Aberdeen, Mariner.

William Scot, late of Aberdeen, Mariner.

William Eddy, alias Neddy, late of Aberdeen, Mariner.

Alexander Annand, late of Jamaica, Mariner.

George Rose, late of Glascow, Mariner.

George Dunkin, late of Glascow, Mariner.

*Thomas Nicholas, late of London, Mariner.

John Ridge, late of London, Mariner.

Matthew King, late of Jamaica, Mariner.

Daniel Perry, late of Guernsey, Mariner.

Henry Virgin, late of Bristol, Mariner.

James Robbins, alias Rattle, late of London, Mariner.

James Mullet, alias Millet, late of London, Mariner.

Thomas Price, late of Bristol, Mariner.

James Wilson, late of Dublin, Mariner.

John Lopez, late of Oporto, Mariner.

Zachariah Long, late of the Province of Holland, Mariner.

Job Bayly, late of London, Mariner.

John-William Smith, late of Charles-Town, Carolina, Mariner.

Thomas Carman, late of Maidstone in Kent, Mariner.

John Thomas, late of Jamaica, Mariner.

William Morrison, late of Jamaica, Mariner.

Samuel Booth, late of Charles-Town, Mariner.

William Hewet, late of Jamaica, Mariner.

John Levit, late of North-Carolina, Mariner.

William Livers, alias Evis.

John Brierly, alias Timberhead, late of Bath-Town in North Carolina, Mariner.

Robert Boyd, late of Bath-Town aforesaid, Mariner.

*Rowland Sharp, of Bath-Town, Mariner.

*Jonathan Clarke, late of Charles-Town, South Carolina, Mariner.

*Thomas Gerrard, late of Antegoa, Mariner.

*Nicholas, Sharp, Clarke & Gerrard were set free.

Major Stede Bonnet  & Crew Memorial

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