Charles Town

Yes, we know it's Charleston now. 

Charles Town is one of the oldest settlements in the United States. Situated at the joining of the Ashley & Cooper rivers, Charles Town enjoys a natural harbour with easy access to the ocean. Founded in 1670, Charles Town has always been at the center of political life in the south. The "great port town" saw many a visitor and received ealier settlers from Bermuda, Virginia, England & Barbados. The town was fortified to defend against attacks from the Spanish, the French, Native Americans and the rogues of the sea, pirates!   

Below are some key locations in Charles Town and in the life of Major Stede Bonnet. Unfortunately, most of these locations are tied to his ending rather than his beginning. None the less, taking a moment to visit each location you will feel immediately brought back to 1718. 

The Blockade of 
Charles Town.

In June of 1718, Major Stede Bonnet & Blackbeard brought an armada of the Queen Anne's Revenge of 40 guns, the Revenge 10 guns and two other sloops that served as tenders. This menacing crew of nearly 400 men effectively blockaded Charles Town until their demands were met. They captured mutiple ships and took some prisoners. However, their payment was a bit more unique than most woud think. They did not demand huge somes of money or gold, but rather a small chest filled with .... medicine. 

Nathaniel Partridge's House

Major Bonnet was initially kept seperately from his men in the home of Nathaniel Partridge who was the Provost Marshall. He was kept with David Herriot & boatswain Ignatius Pell. It is located at the southeast corner of Church & Tradd Streets. The orinigal structure has been replaced, but this is still the location and site of one of the most famous escapes in pirate history. 

Judge Troots House

Judge Nicholas Trott held the trials for each of Bonnet's men and Bonnet himself in his home. When reading the account it's mentioned they were tried in small groups. Once you see the house you understand why. Amazingly, the original house where the trials were held still stands. It is an active residence so tours are unavailable. However you can tour the Powder Magazine directly next door and enjoy some unique angles of an interesting piece of Charles Town history. 

Half Moon Battery

The Guard House at the Half Moon Battery was the location Bonnet and his crew members spent their last days. You can visit the Half Moon Battery which is in the dungeon of the Provost located on Broad & East Battery. 

White Point Garden

White Point is now a beautiful and relaxing tree covered garden. In the 1700s it was the site of the hanging of pirates and their immediate burial just below the high water line in unmarked graves.  

Bonnet's Memorial

A memorial stone can be found at White Point. This is the area where the Major and his crew were hanged and subsequently buried below the waterline. Stop by and pay your respects. A role of his crew is provided.