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Bonnet Family to the authors of this site.


of Stede Bonnet

The Bonnett name is believed to be of Scottish/Norman descent. Thomas Bonnett (Bonnet) was the first to arrive on the shores of Barbados. Once more records are made known we will add his ancestors to this site. 

Thomas Bonnet is the first Bonnet to reach the shores of Barbados in/around 1625-1647. Thomas married Mary and become a small planter on the island. Together they had two sons named Thomas & Edward.  

Edward Bonnet was the son the Thomas Bonnet and Mary. He was friend of the govenor Edwyn Stede whom he named his son after. Edward married Sarah Whetstone. Unfortunately, they both passed while their children were very young. The Bonnet's had a plantation in St. Michael which later became known as "Upton." 

Major Stede Bonnet was the son of Edward Bonnet and Sarah Whetstone. Both of his parents passed when he was but six years old leaving him in charge to raise his siblings. Fortunately a family friend stepped in He was raised with a good education and learned the customs to be a proper gentleman. Stede married Mary Allamby and lived on the Upton plantation until he departed to go a pirating.   

In tribute to his father, Stede named his second born son Edward. Not much is made known of Edward; however, he would have lived a difficult life with the whole island knowing his father had been pirate. Edward later married Mary Thornhill and had three children, Thomasine Bonnet, Thomas Bonnet & Oriana Bonnet. 

Thomasine Bonnet was named to honor her great great grandfather. Thomasine married William Clarke. Her father passed when she was only 13. And sadly, she passed at the age of 37 just a few days after giving birth to her daughter Anne Thomasine Clarke. They had the following children William, Mary Ann, Mary Thornhill, Thornhill, Dorothy Elizabeth, and Anne Thomasine.

Anne Thomasine Clarke was born to General Clarke & Thomasine Bonnet. Anne's monther passed away while she was only 8 days old after complications from childbirth. Anne is the closest relative of Stede Bonnet of whom we have a full portrait. Anne married General Robert Haynes. They had the following children Dorothy Ann, Richard, William, Robert, George Barrow, Fanny, Thomasine, Henry Husband, & John Aughterson. 

Henry Husbands Haynes Sr. was the son of General Robert Haynes & Anne Thomasine Clarke. At age 13 Henry served as midshipman on board the HMS Venerable (74 guns). Henry married Sarah Jane Dummett. Henry went on to become the speaker of the house in Barbados from 1800-1850. They had the following children Ann Thomasine, Sarah Dummett, Robert James, Henry Husband (Jr.), John Torrence, Christina Lardy, Mary Frederica, and Elizabeth Reece. 

Henry Husband Haynes Jr. was the son of Henry Husbands Haynes Sr. & Sarah Jane Dummett. Henry served as inspector of the Barbados Police. Henry and Sarah Ann Guy had two daughters Helen Henrietta Beresford Haynes & Marian Maude Husband Haynes.  

Marian Maude Husband Haynes married Reginald Stanley James Tempro. Together they had 11 children. Grannie Temps as she was known, was a loving mother and grandmother. She passed a month before turning 72. Their children were Norah Marian Haynes, Helen Muriel, Henry Dudley Mowbray, Eleanor Hazel, Audrey Kathleen, Cythia Maitland, George Milton, Wilbert Reginald, Harold Albert, Marion Elise, and Winston Anthony. 

Marion Elise Tempro married Cyril Eustace Stoute Jr. They had four children Flora Elaine, Marion Jean, Patrick & Peter Hallam. Flora passed just before she turned 1 and Patrick passed at birth. Elise, as she was known, was Cyril's second spouse after his wife Hilda passed. Cyril & Hilda had one daughter Patsy Stoute (Carrington) to whom we owe much of these efforts and geneology discovery. Elise passed in Spring, Texas at the age of 85.   

Marion Jean Stoute was the second daughter of Cyril & Elise. Marion married Patrick Rooney in 1968. They had four children Patricia, Kelly, Patrick & Michael. Marion bears an uncanny resemblance to Anne Thomasine Clarke. Marion has 9 grandchildren all of whom love family history and the stories of the pirates of the Caribbean.