The Revenge

A Jamaica Sloop aka a Bermuda Sloop

A Jamaica Sloop / Bermuda Sloop

The design and initial building of this vessel is said to have begun in Jamaica. Due to popularity and desirabilty, the design and build began to expand in the caribbean notible in Bermuda. Though often portrayed in pop culture as a two masted brigantine, Major Stede Bonnet's Ship "The Revenge" is a single-masted Jamaica/Bermuda Sloop. This meant she was fast, very fast and extraordinarily agile providing an advantage in each engagement. She was also deep enough to handle the seas but shallow enough to reach inlets other ships could not. She could accommidate a crew of 70 men and she was armed with 10 cannons. Bermuda Sloops were also recognized by an extra long bowsprit allowing for additional sails in front of the mast boosting speed. 

The Royal James

After Major Stede Bonnet and his pal Blackbeard accepted the Kings pardon, Bonnet changed the name of his now infamous ship to something less treatening, The Royal James. He had intened to become a privateer, but on his return to the ship he found he had been double-crossed. Blackbeard and crew had taken the valuables from the Revenge (Royal James) and absconded away. They left some crew on the ship and marooned others on a sand bar. When Bonnet saw this, he rescuied the stranded men and set                     out in persuit of Blackbeard.

Where is the Revenge aka the Royal James?

After the battle of the sandbars in Cape Fear, the Revenge, now named the Royal James was captured by Colonel William Rhett. No futther information on Bonnet's ship is known. It may have entered the service of William Rhett or been sold to become a merchant ship. There were various sloops used by the fledgling colonies to defend against pirates and in a bit of irony it is likley the ship that blockaded Charles Town ended up defending her.