What Did Major Stede Bonnet Look Like?

History hasn't been kind to our beloved Gentleman Pirate. However, study his culture and genology a bit moregives us a better picture of how the Major looked.

The Earliest Depiction

Found in the General History of Pirates 1724. Bonnet's "Roman nose" is likely the most obvious point of distiction in his facial characteristics. But is it accurate? His period dressing gown, tricorn hat, musket rifle, small sword, buckled shoes and wig would characterize a gentleman of the time.

Pop Culture

Swashbuckling Pirate. Good with the ladies. In the early 20th century many depictions of Major Bonnet came on the scene. Some were just comical and focued on his "gentleman pirate" title. 

Video Games

This represents a poorest depiction of the man Major Stede Bonnet though probably the most familiar to some. This Bonnet is more comic relief than cunning pirate.  

Walk the Plank

Major Stede Bonnet forcing a Prisoner to Walk the Plank

 Major Stede Bonnet is often credited as inventing the now famous "Walk the Plank." Featured on Cadet Sweets 


Major Stede Bonnet Escapes from Charles Town.

After his capture in Cap Fear by Rhett, Major Bonnet escaped from the Provost Marshall's house in Charles Town. He took a canoe to a waiting ship, but before they could leave he was recaptured on Sullivan's Island.  


Piracy Comic #3 1950s

The Piracy comics of the 1950's by EC Comics were unique mostly fictional tales of the pirates. This story has Blackbeard and Bonnet ultimately ending up as rivals and both perishing close to the same time.

Video Game

Assassins Creed Black Flag

In the game, the primary character meets a portly older fearfull man known as Stede Bonnet. It is one of the poorest exagerations of the Major.

HBO Series "Our Flag Means Death"

Rhys Darby plays Major Stede Bonnet in HBO's comedy of his adventures.

Closest Depiction

Using the Image from A General History of Pirates, Thomas Kelly Created a Painting that caught our eye. 
Using pictures of known living decendants, Mr. Kelly has been commissioned to create a new portrait of Major Stede Bonnet.  

More to Come

No doubt more depictions of the Gentleman Pirate will continue to facinate us.