Major Stede Bonnet

The Gentleman Pirate Major Stede Bonnet

Who is Stede Bonnet?

The Gentleman Pirate

The Gentleman Pirate

Bonnet's Crew

Loyal gang of misfits

Scotland, Jamaica, England, Antigua, Barbados

What did he look like?

Depictions of Major Bonnet

Depictions in history and in pop culture. 

Bonnet's Library

Build Your Pirate Library

Major Bonnet was educted and had a library aboard. Here are some recommendations to build your own library. 

Where did he sail?

Pirate of the Caribbean

Where did Stede Bonnet sail? 

Cape Fear

Safe Haven

Harbor for careening and repairs and the location of Bonnet's final battle, "the Battle of the Sandbars."


Where Stede was born

The story of Stede Bonnet begins on the beautiful island of Barbados. Settled by the English in 1625, Barbados quickly became crucial to British success in the new world. 

Charles Town

Final Destination

Visited multiple times by Bonnet & crew Charles Town is the final resting place of Major Stede Bonnet.

The Revenge

Bonnet's Ship

An unlikely beginning, the Revenge would become one the greatest pirate ships to sail the Caribbean. 


Why else become a pirate?

Besides gold, what did pirates take as plunder?

Bonnet's Flag

What flag did Bonnet fly?

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Bonnet Family Tree

Ancestors and descendants of Major Stede Bonnet

Stede Bonnet Song by The Merrymen

The Famous Calypso band from Barbados.